Friday, April 29, 2011

Facebook Authentication , is about keeping it clean..

Every other week I take a little time to clean-up what often ends up being a very dirty social media closet , now i'm not talking about the the skeletons in the closet! So far from it those you need to keep where they are, you never know when they will come in handy.

What makes this important really depends on what your on ? Facebook, Twitter and Co . Or more simpler platforms like bit.yl where your short-links are stored, you know re-visist that link you think no one clicked on you'll be surprised how much has changed since.

What brings up this post was when a cousin recently visiting logged into his Facebook Account from Oman, I never realized how important it was to do a little clean up whenver you can and not just when Spring arrives, Weather conditions are none exsistant on the Web unless some servers go down somewhere.

My cousin had to struggle or still is / struggling to regain control of his Facebook account! When facebook notices that you've been logging in from different devices/with a sudden change in your locations alarams go off at Facebook, I guess their system assumes your identity has been stolen.

Now I have to thank facebook for such precautionary methods, but when my cousin was promoted through the authentication process thats when we learned how crucial it is to keep things on your social networks nip-tuck.

So i'll start with a few things Facebook and move on to other corners of your social network in which you'd learn required a little cleaning.

Pages, Groups and Apps they got to GO

Facebook is full of it! Very literally , Facebook is a great platform but like any community it has scoundrels you simply can do without! I'm not talking about the person you wish you had never accepted his/her friend request but if you must just delete.

But it's the apps, notifications, invitites, pages and groups you really don't give a rat ass about! I recently Un-liked Metallica on Facebook, Hey don't miss understand me I'm a die hard fan but really the band is so dead therfore they are no updates so I better of just liking Linkin Park! Now thats not necesserily an obvious action but they just too many redundancies in our own online social network behaviour, let alone the groups, invites, notifications and pages we really only clicked on because it was sent by a supposed friend repeating the same vicious cycle of social networking on the web!

It's time for a little responsibility when it comes to our personal online presence, now back to my cousin i'll just refer to him as Kim Kim , when attempting to log into Facebook, the authentication prcoess requested him to verfiy his account by prooving to Facebook that he actually knew the people in the photos he was tagged in! Personally this is just one of those 'stupid mark' moments but what the heck lets look at the overall picture hey Facebook is #1 now, isn't it?

Now if your a victim of un-necessary tagging on Facebook , This could lead to your trying to re-authneticate your account, when you can't tell Facebook who is who in that funny ''baby smoking a cigarette'' photo !

As it turns out poor Kim Kim had too many of those! So Yes un-tagg your butt now! So i'm trying to keep myself committed to this blogging business (Again I say it with a chinese accent) so I'll leave all the good stuff for another post – Next post will likely be about how I wished I didn't attend TEDxMuscat and saved my energy for Snoop's concert two days later at Abu-Dhabi Yas Island!

I'll leave you with Sara Evans writes more than enough about cleaning our your social media closet, and the best post i've found on the topic.

For now to later..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Virginity 2.0 finally broken

So this is the first post in this very promising beginning in the blog-sphere, heck I can even feel the pressure of the whole thing, we have a self fulfilling prophecy us humans or humanoids or maybe even us homos, well you know us homo-sapiens any of you homophobic reading this keep in mind, the latin or scientific word for humans is homo-sapiens.

Now i've procrastinated many things in life, but some i've completely just forgotten about. As of now i'm glad blogging isn't one of them. So I spent sometime thinking what in the god's name will be my first post or rant on? So I figured blogging itself well not blogging per say but more rather why your better of procrastinating it.

Blogging is serious BUSINESS! (I say this with a chinese accent) funny chinese accent aside, it is serious business blogging for some professionals doesn't only keep them in check and great way to curate the very content or stuff out there that interest them at the same time expressing what they think about it. But more importantly the fact that blogging is today's new world order of journalism depending on the blog that is, now try to imagine if Edward R. Murrow had a blog? I'm sure he would have some very varying opinions about the whole thing, but then again he did coin the term ''media insulation'' now that we are overly liberated by this obscene medium I really wonder up there in heaven with the likes of Biggie what he would think about the whole thing!

As I write this a friend whom i'm going to only refer to as 'Big Bird' once inquisitively asked me , do you have the tendency of self-censoring what your write? After almost a minute I said ''err mm yeah'' without knowing really why I do that!

I think when we write or blog we are often scared of ourselves! Will our opinions, thoughts or knowledge within a certain area is sufficient for us to blog? Can we accept criticism when it comes and deal with it? I'm not yet sure. But i've written articles for newspapers before they will do that for you! The censoring bit. Ultimately i've learned several things about blogging, i'll call them my blogging fears 101's :

Your wondering if you will even have readership, I say p resistance pays off , when followed by consistency
it has to look nice for me to get inspired, I say the layout of my blog took me longer than actually writing this, so yes take your time.
Content you say? the blog-sphere I guess has always been about niche content, so many bloggers so much crap out there to read, don't worry every mind has an audience.
This is the ultimate of TamNet's 101 fears , commitment ! Yes commitment is a strong word, and it should be. Because committing to a blog is like getting married! (i'm not married by the way) the moment you stop communicating to your blog/audience it's a like a tease that should've not been there in the first place, but we all love a little teasing..

I'm just glad I don't have aunts pressuring me to blog! Unlike getting married, that I have too many fans ! though they are yet to know whether i'm good at it or not, marriage that is!

That's all folks to my next 2.0 rant, everything social media or worth the acronym wtf!